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Bi-Vex Oven Recirculation System


 The Stewart Systems Bi-Vex convection system is a patent pending design which utilizes a dual-circulation system with directional impingement tubes. Both systems are independently

adjustable which provides unsurpassed baking versatility and recipe control for each and every product you bake.


Get the Ultimate in Baking Perfection and Versatility with the Stewart Systems Bi-Vex Convection System.


Advanced Convection System

• Reduced Bake Times

• Energy Savings

• Flatter Overall Bake Profile, (less heat and cooling spikes)

• Instantaneous Response



• Greater Color Control

• No Mechanical Changes or Adjustments Required

• More overall Product Varieties and Flexibility possible, with considerable control improvements when used on Combination Bread/Bun Lines



• Optional on all current ovens

• Standard on the "Texas Titan" Ultra Wide Path Oven

• Retrofittable in all Stewart Ovens manufactured since 2000



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