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Bulk Bun Packaging


The Stewart Systems Pillo-Pak™ Bun Packaging System is an integrated combination of machines designed to slice and package bulk quantities of various types of buns, rolls, bagels, and similar baked products.


With the Pillo-Pak™ you get an integrated group of products, each specifically designed to do its Stewart Systems PilloPak Bulk Packer - wholesale and institutional bun & hotdog packaging equipmentpart to package your product and get it ready for distribution in the exact configuration you want. Read on for an in-depth description of each of the components that make up the Pillo-Pak™.













• Tubular steel welded frame fabrication

• PLC control of machine functions

• Fixed speed drives control slicer and sealer conveyors

• Control panels meet International Protection 52 enclosure standards

• Painted steel structure

• 304 Stainless Steel and USDA & FDA approved plastic belting at all product contact areas

• Touchscreen operator interface, easy to use and understand

• Fault Screens with direction on corrective action

• Maintenance notifications

• Programmable preventative maintenance schedule

• Fully assembled and tested before shipment




Metering and Accumulation

An Infeed Metering Conveyor spreads product evenly across the full width of the integrated Pillo-Pak™ conveyor. This lets the rest of the machine process the maximum amount of product possible.

A Sloped Chute is the next stage, it is here that product is received, oriented, sorted, and collated, so it is lined up and ready for the rest of the process.


The Infeed Accumulator portion of the machine transports the arranged product, while providing the accumulation necessary to be sure that the downstream parts of the machine are never "starved" for product, it also creates a "slow spot" with high visibility, this area allows for visual product inspection.



• Adjustable metering and accumulating speeds, for smooth product flow

• Flexible plastic belting over nose bars for smooth product transfer without rollers

• Plastic mat top infeed accumulation with adjustable product guides



It is the Grouper that places the product into the desired arrangement for packaging, both configuration and size. Then it releases the entire group for slicing.



• Individually positioned lane guides for products from 2" to 5" wide

• Variable belt speed for improved product handling

• Individually adjustable lane sensors verify a full group for release. Each sensor can be electronically blocked when required

• Gentle hold back of incoming product by vertically acting pressure board



Our Dual Band Slicer then cuts the product. The slicer is capable of numerous cut types, and is fully configurable to cut differently for different product runs.



• Dual band slicer for either single or double slicing of roll products

• Blade guard on infeed end of slicing head to quickly stop blades and conveyor when activated

• Sensor to detect broken blades

• Double to single slice without blade removal

• Separate drive for top conveyor


Final Packaging

The Sealer is the final step; product is packaged into a custom produced plastic film, evacuated of excess air, and tightly sealed on all sides. If you desire, you can also split the package into sections with optional single or multiple center seals and skip seals.



• Independent heat controllers for cross seal, side seals and cut-off ribbon

• Controlled separate film feed

• Efficient package air removal

• Reduced cross sealing time

• Self contained PID controller for accurate cross seal temperatures

• Separator and perforator options

TriPak option for multiple adjustable centerseals

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