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Conveyorized Baking


 Increase the efficiency and quality of your high-volume production facility with a Stewart Systems Conveyorized Oven (AKA - Continuous Oven).


 Consistent quality is what our oven delivers. Heat stratification and chimney effect are essentially Stewart Systems Single Loop Conveyorized Oven, industrial baking, high speed bakingeliminated because of our low profile, double-loop design and unique convection system. In addition, the low entrance and exit points enhance consistency by decreasing the distance between the proofer and oven. Seeders, splitters, and other special equipment can be placed at more convenient, workable heights.


 Our patented magnetic pan grids make the high volume pan handling that is necessary for your operation easy. They also allow the flexibility to accommodate a variety of pan sizes and shapes, enhancing your versatilities and decreasing the time necessary for changeovers.


  Accurate heat controls provide rapid response to temperature adjustments. A combination of burner modulation and incremental exhaust speeds maintain a temperature under and override within +/- 3 degrees Fahrenheit.


 Our unique convection system speeds up the baking process and assures uniform color and baking conditions across each and every pan. This is because our design eliminates lateral heat control problems and ensures that every pan passes through the same oven environment which produces consistent results.


 User-friendly controls include a diagnostic touch screen for simplified system monitoring, and a recipe controlled variable speed drive and bake settings for easy setup. Integration with other computerized plant processes is also easy through a host of available communication protocols. In short, the Stewart Systems Conveyorized Oven boosts productivity while reducing production costs.


 Other advantages include:

• Completely conveyorized system for uniform, automated baking.

• Dough Throughput Capacities from 1,500 lbs (730kg)/hr up to 25,000 lbs (10,500kg)/hr

• Continuous product flow: - No grouper required - No intermittent starts and stops - No cycling

• Allen Bradley CompactLogix™ Programmable Controller standard

• Toshiba Inverters for Variable Speed Motor Control standard

• Several configurations are available including double-loop, single-loop, as well as figure-8 paths to suit every floorplan.

• Multiple Curve Radii available including - 60", 84", and 115"

• Optional Fuel Types, BiVex Recirculation Systems, and Quick Install Modular Designs available


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