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 Count on Stewart Systems’ conveyor systems to suit all of your pan, lid, tray, basket and product conveying needs. Bakeries worldwide depend on our quality design and reliable construction. We have decades of experience designing systems at bakeries just like yours.


 Because of our experience, our designs are the best in the business. Our conveyors provide better Stewart Systems Modular Conveyors, pan system, bun pans, bread pans, product system, baskets, lidspan and product control with smoother starting, stopping, and metering. We also assure proper accumulation of pans and product to prevent downstream “starving” in the system. Our conveyors also incorporate countless improvements in quality and an attention to detail that you will appreciate. Features such as gear-driven, powered transfer rollers insure that your product moves smoothly and precisely with minimal heel sanding. No one designs conveying systems better than we do.


 All of our conveying systems are built to last, and constructed to exacting standards.  Each stainless steel side frame follows our standard of common mounting points and common mounting hardware for floor or ceiling installation, with standard bolt patterns on each type of conveyor frame. Whether it’s a pan conveyor or a product conveyor, many of the mounting and connecting components are the same.


 Plastic belting is another significant advantage with Stewart Systems’ conveyors. Plastic belts put an end to tracking issues. How much maintenance time and money will you save when belt tracking is no longer a required part of your routine maintenance? Plastic belts are also quieter, easier to clean, and gentler on your products and pans than other “traditional” solutions. Or if you prefer, we also offer stainless steel wire conveyors, including Wendway and Multiflex type belting. Our Multiflex conveyors also have new and improved head and tail sections that provide a smoother and quieter conveyor.


 Adding to their dependability and reliability, is a shaft mounted SEW Eurodrive motor used on each conveyor. This provides direct power to your conveyors. There is no need for chains, sprockets, belts, or guards, which shrinks your maintenance and spare parts requirements even more.


 So, for the last word in quality, reliability and flexibility in conveyors for your operation, compare us to the rest and choose the best, Stewart Systems.


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