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Monoflex Coolers


For decades, Stewart System's Monoflex Product Cooler has provided economical, reliable, and dependable service to our many clients worldwide.


The Monoflex conveyor cools product while continuously conveying it without intermediate transfer Stewart Systems Monoflex Bun & Bread Cooler, overhead cooler, racetrack cooler, endlesspoints. The energy efficient, multi-tier, multi-loop, ceiling mounted design leaves the floor space below free for other use. Each system is custom-engineered to provide you with the exact number of tiers, loops, and footage that you require.


Quiet, gentle handling protects your products. A variable frequency drive regulates unit speed, with simplicity and accuracy. Cooling time read-out is provided on an easy to read digital display.


We will specifically engineer the Monoflex cooling conveyor to meet your needs. Monoflex grid belts are constructed of a stainless steel wire carrying surface which is driven via specially designed zinc plated connectors and #40 roller chain.


For maximum longevity and weight savings the framing is constructed from anodized aluminum with aluminum tubing spacers and zinc plated hardware.


Sanitary design allows for easy cleaning through the Monoflex conveyors open, accessible construction.


For a space-efficient, energy-efficient, high-volume cooling system that saves money in the long-term, install the Monoflex cooling conveyor from Stewart Systems.


Other advantages include:

Continuous product flow on an endless belt.


- No grouping

- No intermittent starts and stops

- No cycling


Economical installation and a readily expandable design.

Easy to operate, maintain, clean and control.




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