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Pan and Lid Stacking and Unstacking


 If you have a need for a more efficient, gentler way to handle your pans or lids; specify the Stewart Systems Stacker and Unstacker. We designed them specifically for the job.


 We know you will appreciate the greater overall safety and profitability realized with improved and Stewart Systems Automated Pan Stacker & Unstacker - pan storage and retrieval, pan trucksautomated pan handling, since pans are one of your most valuable assets. Return on investment is quickly realized, as our precision handling results in reduced costs for straightening, repairing and re-glazing of pans. In addition, you will see a decrease in liability over handling pans manually.


 We achieve remarkably quiet (usually less than 85 decibels) and gentle pan handling through electric lift and conveyor drives, magnetic lifting, shock and noise suppression at all pan impact points, and a padded conveyor belt at the Unstacker discharge.


 When we team our precision manufactured machinery with the exact timing and accurate control of the dedicated programmable logic controller the wear and tear on your pans will be noticeably less than with any other handling method.


 This equipment is fast too. A high-volume pan rate of up to 40 pans per minute is typical of the Stewart Systems Pan Stacker and Unstacker. The magnetic meter belt located at the stacker infeed controls pan accumulation and simultaneously reduces dwell times. Pans are delivered, metered, staged, and guided into the machine quickly, automatically, and precisely.


 Ease of operation and maintenance is achieved via the user friendly touchscreen operator control panel (via TCP 6' Color Display), electric motor drives with indicators for all pan setup and adjustments, dedicated PLC control (Allen Bradley SLC 500), and simplified pneumatic control.


 The Pan Stacker and Unstacker will be valuable and productive enhancements for your operation. Our A-Lift assembly allows you to load multiple stacks for processing, providing near zero delay time between processing of pan stacks. An electromagnetic pan lowering system, smoothly controls pan decent on the stacker. While a dual-speed drive on the Unstacker minimizes the delay time between stacks.


 Each system is delivered to you pre-assembled, factory-tested, and ready for hook-up. We can custom design a system to fit your existing pan size and the pan orientation of your process.


 Contact Stewart Systems today for more information on how a Pan Stacker or Unstacker can improve your operation.


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