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Wendway Conveyors


Designed to carry products in straight level sections, inclining or declining sections, and around

curves. This conveyor can be either floor or ceiling mounted, and can be complemented with

casters for mobility.




• Side Frames: Straight Wendway conveyor sections have Aluminum side frames.  Wendway curves are carbon steel frames, painted.

• Splice plate and bearing plate, guide mountings are zinc plated.

• Chain powered transfer rollers

• Leg support: H-leg, tubular design, powder coated carbon steel, bolted to the floor

• Belting Material: #7 gauge stainless steel wire rod

• Belt width: 15”, 18”, 24”, 30”- the conveyor width is 3.25” wider than the belt width

• Height of Conveyor: Variable per design

• Speed Range: 15-90 feet/min

• Product Weight: 10 lb/linear foot

• Each conveyor is fully assembled and 100% tested and signed off by Engineering prior to shipping.


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