Often, over a period of time, replacement parts become harder to source, and sometimes frankly, there is just a better way to do things. Occasionally, a customer will run out of capacity which requires system expansion. For these reasons, Stewart Systems has an entire engineering group dedicated to finding solutions for these problems. Many upgrade kits are available for common equipment, and custom solutions can be developed for those harder problems. (e.g. A bakery in Moscow grew it’s business so well, a non-expandable 400 BPM (2,000 DZ) bun line has now been expanded four times while in operation, without major production shut-downs, and is currently producing buns at 1,200 BPM (6,000 DZ). Another example of expansion to systems never intended is a Caribbean Customer who decided to take a 30 year old Stewart Proof and Bake System, and bring it up to today’s standards. Better pan handling, upgraded conditioning, and all new controls bring the performance to today’s benchmarks.)

For Upgrades or Expansions call +1 (972) 509-8639 or email keith.dietz@stewart-systems.com

  • A Dedicated Engineering Group is available for Upgrades and Modernization of your Stewart Equipment
  • Mechanical and Electrical/Controls Upgrades and Legacy Migrations
  • Expansions with increased Throughputs possible
  • Variable Frequency Drive Conversions including Conveyors, Coolers, Ovens, and Proofers
  • Process Humidity and Temperature Controls Upgrades
  • Product Conveyor Transfer Upgrades
  • Extended Lifespans Possible, i.e. hardened curve replacements
  • Upgrade Kits are available for older equipment too, i.e. new deep dish magnets