The Stewart Systems Edge Pan Cooler (EPC) provides for efficient convective cooling of pans in a minimum footprint.

The Edge Cooler uses the principal of transporting the pan on the edge in a vertical position in order to allow for a very compact design. The Edge Cooler consists of a conveyor chain with flights supporting the pans. The pans are metered into the cooler at on end and discharge out of the cooler at the other end.

The pan return system requires two edge coolers or an edge cooler and a pan flipper. The reason is the edge cooler discharges the pans upside down and to get them back on the right side they have to go through another edge cooler/pan flipper. The cooler can be floor amounted or hung from the ceiling. The cooler can be equipped with optional pan cleaning brushes for top and bottom cleaning of the pan.

The length of the EPC can be designed in 5 foot increments from 15 to 40 feet to suit specific plant layouts and cooling time requirements.