Stewart System’s Trough System is designed to move sponge troughs from the sponge mixer to the dough mixer while providing time for the dough to ferment in a conditioned atmosphere for a predetermined period of time. The system takes the troughs from the fermentation room, and automatically loads the troughs onto the final mixer elevator (by others).

Several styles can be selected, from semi-automatic to fully automatic, two-lane bun systems, and three-lane bread systems.

  • Handles troughs automatically from loading at sponge mixer to dump into dough mixer.
  • Automatically repositions the empty sponge trough from the dough mixer to the sponge mixer.
  • Handles troughs with space between top bump rail to prevent hand pinching.
  • Completely controlled by programmable controller or plant computer.
  • “Punch down” equipment to prevent over fermentation of sponge.
  • Automatically greases troughs after each dump.
  • Stainless steel post and rail construction welded for durability and sanitation.
  • Allows, in conjunction with automated ingredient-handling system, a mixing room without a dedicated mixing room operator.