The robotic pan unstacker is designed to automatically unstack multiple pans per cycle and deliver them to the pan system from storage.

Stacks of pans are delivered to the robotic unstacker on conveyors from outside of the cell interfacing with either pan trucks or an automated pan storage and retrieval system. The robotic end of arm tool is equipped with pneumatic magnets to pick and place the pan sets from the stack onto the take away conveyor feeding the pan system. The pneumatic magnets hold the pans to the end of arm tool and will not release the pans until a blast of compressed air is applied to move the magnets away from the pans inside their housing. The robot will continue to unstack pans from the same side until the stack is empty and then will automatically change over to the other side of the cell to allow for continuous unstacking. Control of the robotic unstacker is provided via a user-friendly operator interface.