Stewart Systems of the Middleby Bakery Group, is proud to announce our most recent acquisition of Emico Automated Bakery Equipment Solutions of Sante Fe Springs, California. Encompassed with distinct sophistication of engineering and craftsmanship, the high speed bun make- up system, delivers uniformed precision and product control while seamlessly maintaining 140 cuts per minute (on 4 inch bun) without compromising quality. Stewart Systems will manufacture the acquired products under the Stewart Systems brand name at its Plano, Texas, manufacturing location.

“We are excited to add the high speed dough make‐up systems of Emico to our growing portfolio of baking solutions,” said Mark Salman, president of Middleby Bakery Group. “The addition of Emico products is highly complementary to Middleby Bakery Group’s existing products marketed under the Stewart Systems, Auto‐Bake, Baker Thermal Solutions and Spooner Vicars brand names.”

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